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Whisking Sessions

For centuries, Lithuanian pirtis has been using whisks – unique tools, crafted from tree branches and handpicked herbs.

Whisking is a phyto-thermic massage, taking. place in a steam or smoke sauna, and inducing an emotional or physical relaxation. The process alleviates the pain, cleanses the pores, relaxes the body.

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Ethno SPA

The historic beauty procedures are a part of the ancient Lithuanian heritage. This includes scrubs, massages, herbal procedures, and many other techniques.

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Only natural materials are being used during this process, and they both cleanse and nourish the body. No expensive accessories or materials are needed – the main resources are experience and skill.

Special occasions

Pirtis can be a perfect place to commemorate special occasions, entertain the guests, or discover new, interesting experiences. Show elements, bespoke procedures, and even educational programs can be combined to make your special day just a little bit better.

Festivals and events

Durings festivals and events, pirtis procedures can be used as a perfect attraction for your attendees.

A team of experts can offer interesting, engaging procudres, fit for various types of visitors. Many of them can be partaken practically anywhere, using mobiles saunas and improvising, using local materials.

Professional consultation

Pirtis and its procedures are becoming a more and more important part in many SPA and beauty salons.

The benefits of pirtis can be perfect for many such and similar businesses – contact us and let’s discuss how your business could apply our technologies to stay ahead of the game.

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