Family Sauna Day

After the Autumn equinox (September 22), when the days begin to become shorter than the nights, when the active season ends and we spend more and more time at home, “the fire returns home.” Warm Summer days come to an end, we spend more and more time with family, relatives, by the warmly heated fireplace in the house.
Every major natural, astronomical transformation is usually associated with celebrations: Easter, Midsummer, Christmas…

Except the Autumn equinox. However, after completing the major works or before each celebration, it was common to go to the sauna. It was usual to have sauna on a Saturday evening. Everyone was welcome here: men and women, children and the elderly people…

For modern people, the sauna is first of all an entertainment or opportunity to gather in the community, a way of relaxation. It has always been a very important function of sauna. However, this year brought a kind of transformation not only for us, but also for the whole world and reminded us that the greatest value is our home, the people closest to us. The blazing fire of an active and busy world returned home, encouraging us to share the warmth with our loved ones, children, parents …

The Association of Professional Bath Masters, Lithuanian Bath Academy and International Bath Academy encourage everyone, who loves sauna, to join the idea – ON THE FIRST SATURDAY AFTER THE AUTUMN EXINOX TO ANNOUNCE THE FAMILY BATH DAY. This year, this day is September 26.

On this day, we invite everyone who has such an opportunity to heat a sauna (personal or rented) and invite their family and closest people to it. The ones you would invite to the Christmas table with whom you would share the Easter eggs. Share the heat of the sauna as usual in your family and as best for you. Create your own traditions, rituals, rites, procedures. If you don’t know, don’t dare or need advice – don’t be afraid to ask. However, the essence of this celebration is to be with yourself, in your own circle, to thank, to rejoice, to do something good and pleasant for each other. After all, the sauna is very personal, intimate, sacred presence, that cleanses not only the body, but also the soul and feelings.
The tradition of visiting the sauna has been included in the Lithuanian National Compendium of Intangible Cultural Heritage Values this year. We can draw inspiration from our ancient traditions, taking from them what makes sense, what fits our times, our reality, cultivating and transforming them in our own way so, that what we have today, becomes a beautiful and meaningful tradition in the future.

Some ideas for a family sauna day:

• There is no house without smoke … Before the sauna, it was customary to apologize, to forget old wrongs and mistakes. Great opportunity to do it!
• Remember those loved ones who have already passed away – wishing them peace in a way that is acceptable to you.
• Decorate the sauna space – this time it will be the most precious people for you.
• If possible, try to use what you have grown, collected, made for the sauna yourself.
• It is customary to wear clean clothes after the sauna, but it will be very good if you try to wear something new for the first time (such as new socks or a hair clip).
• After the sauna, find time to spend time together, have a dinner.