Artūras Čėsna

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About myself

I started to learn the secrets of the Pirtis (Sauna) professionally five years ago: I was studying at the Lithuanian Pirtis academy, attending seminars of Pirtis masters and I belong to the Lithuanian Society of Pirtis Buddies. I represent bathers in annual events: Pirtis Day, Pirtis Steam, Applehood, Vivacity Day and more. I provide Pirtis services in my own and other Pirtis. I conduct private and group Pirtis.


Main bathing programs: Lithuanian traditional Pirtis, cognitive Pirtis and more. Lithuanian traditional Pirtis program including basics of traditional bath procedures, whisks, whisking, halotherapy, aromatherapy. Speak Lithuanian, Russian and English.


E-mail: arturasc2001(at)
Phone No: +370 613 83811
From Vilnius