Liuda Medinė


About myself

I’ve known the traditional Lithuanian steam bath for over fifteen years. Lovely hobby for me and my husband quickly became both a work and a lifestyle. For seven years already we have been cherishing the traditions of Lithuanian steam bath in our homestead “Medynė”, near Kaunas. We pamper our guests with two steam baths: a traditional and antique-style smoke stem bath. Smoke stem bath is special! It has both steam and smell and sound different. I do not associate steam bath with competition. For me, the bath is a sacred touch to the human soul and heart, a coming closer to YOURSELF, sharing.

Experience and qualification

I have acquired the expertise of a SPA specialist – masseur in VŠĮ ” Profesijų spektras”, I have graduated as a masseur in Kaunas KMPMC. I also completed V. Skirkevičius’ herbal therapy course. I grow herbs for myself, for baths and for others. I am familiar with aromotrapy. Foreign languages: Russian – fluent, English – spoken.


  • Conducting various cognitive, thematic sauna programs for smaller and larger groups, families, women, children in “Medynė” stem bathes, or in the bath chosen by the client;
  • I invite women periodically to the “Medynė” women’s steam bath circle;
  • for those who wake up early – on Sunday mornings I run the “Vyturiai stem bath”;
  • doing individual whisking;
  • doing a massage;
  • introducing the use of medicinal and aromatic plants in the stem bath;
  • learning preparation of whisks.

Our homestead offers a unique opportunity to experience and compare the double steam of a bath at the same time: a conventional bath and a mysterious smoke bath. About 16 people can take a bath at one time.

Contact us

E-mail: pirtis.medyne(at)
Phone No: +370 657 63493